Amazon Wish List

One of the joys of being a Goddess, besides ripping open an envelope full of cash or seeing funds transferred to My bank account, is coming home to a mound of boxes from all My favorite stores!

Not every slave earns the coveted opportunity to take Me shopping personally and have Me burn through all their credit cards, so this is a good way for you to start proving your worth as a generous and reliable shopping slave.

Go to my Amazon wishlist and begin serving me, Your only task is to click and pay! *go to click on wishlist and type in :

Remember... everything the Goddess wants, the Goddess gets!

iGoddess. I am always up on the latest technology and must have the newest, shiniest, best and brightest. Give Me the gift of gadgetry so I can stay connected wherever I am.

Royal Recreation. A devoted slave must always support his Goddess' superior lifestyle of lavish leisure and divine entertainment. The law is simple: you work, I play.

Gourmet Goddess. My culinary concoctions are absolutely heavenly, just like Me. items I would love to add to my kitchen arsenal.

Intelligentsia. I love to immerse Myself in a thoughtful novel, a beautiful coffeetable volume, or any literary stimulation of the mind and soul. That's right — supremely female, beautiful AND intelligent? I have it all.

Shoe Candy. I am obsessed with beautiful shoes of every color, style, height and flavor. Buy them ALL for Me and add to My fabulous shoe collection that even Imelda Marcos would envy!

Body Worship. Even though I am naturally radiant, every Goddess loves a little girlie pampering! Find all My favorite spa and beauty products

Adopt one of my Bills and pay for my vacations this week
Every bill can be paid online, through a payment processor or on the websites (,, etc.) which I like so that I don't have to hassle with converting cash sent via post into a money order to pay these bills... However, I do prefer cash when it comes to my pedicure and getting my hair done! To adopt one of these bills, begin your slavery servitude to Me If you are already a slave request to Adopt A Bill and be ready to pay ASAP! 

♥Rent: $1,500
Cable/Internet/Phone: $200
♥Utilities: $300
♥Cell Phone: $130
♥Hair: $300 each month
♥Car Note: $400
♥Car Insurance: $295