Slave Positions

          What kind of slave will you be in my Empire....

Female supremacist
This particular peon is at the top of the slave chain in My Princess Empire. You are among My favorite type of money slave, because you are the purest, the most loyal, and the most faithful to the doctrine of Female Supremacy. You believe that Female Supremacy is the natural order of life. You believe a Woman is the highest form of life and you exist solely to serve Her as She commands. You respect and celebrate the Female as the superior gender from which all power and virtue emanates. You hope for a modern return to Matriarchal society and dream of a future utopia in which Women rule over all men. Certainly this type of slave, the Female supremacist, is the most enlightened form of man because you have realized your true calling in life as My devoted worshipper. You are a lifestyle slave who has surrendered your egocentric proclivity and submitted to a Goddess-centric existence. You understand there is no room for your own wants or needs in My princess empire. You put My wants and My needs FIRST in your life. Your shallow sexual desires only cloud your judgment and in order to free yourself from the shackles of inferior male thought, you strive to focus your entire mind, body and soul on the fiscal fulfillment of your Goddess.

The Female supremacist and Goddess relationship is one of the strongest bonds in My Empire. It is one of total trust, unwavering obedience and unfaltering dedication. You desire a long-term commitment to Goddess worship and your tributes are as steady and reliable as you are. When I demand money, you give freely without objection.

Complete subservience and financial submission to ME is your ONLY purpose in life, and you have recognized and accepted this fate as Goddess' will.

♥Sugar Daddy

Next to the Female supremacist, you are the other type of money slave whom I love to control and manipulate. You may be an egotist who likes to flaunt your money; you may be a doormat who just can't say no; or you may be a loner who fantasizes about Me being your girlfriend; but at your most fundamental core, you are a sugar daddy who simply wants to spoil and pamper Me!

You download My pictures, obsess over them, dream about them; you can't take Me off your mind. You think of My perfect lithe body and the subtle way I can make you — and your wallet — melt with just a flirty wink and a disarming smile. You crave My attention and long to take care of Me. You strive to give Me everything in this Queendom that I desire, and you are very generous at that. You never want Me to work or worry My pretty little head over money, thus indulging Me as the decadent and deserving Princess I truly am.

As a sugar daddy, you are most satisfied when you know you have made My life easier in some way. Your favorite contribution is paying for My day-to-day expenses. The sugar daddy-in-training will pay for My manicures and pedicures, or perhaps splurge on a day at a luxury spa for Me; the most experienced and exceptional sugar daddy will suggest I escape for a week and pay for a first-class vacation on a tropical island, plus a whole new wardrobe to tote along. No matter how you start out, rest assured that the MORE money you send Me, the MORE excited it will make Me, and the MORE pleased you will be!

I am deliciously tempting, incredibly spoiled, especially high-maintenance, and you. cannot. resist. ME!

♥Pathetic Pain Servant

This Pathetic Servant loves to be in pain...
being slapped, spit on, kicked, and treated worthless, forced to eat from the floor, but although very pathetic this slave is one of the most devoted ones, willing to do anything and everything to make sure Goddess is happy....These Servants love strict slavery training and love fulfilling tasks as told....

♥Humiliation Sissy

As the most pathetic type of slave, the absolute bottom of My slave chain, you are a maggot with no respect for yourself and certainly no respect from Me. You were unfortunately brought into existence as a disgraceful, meager male and yearn to be Female by dressing in the royal garb of a Goddess. You wear frilly panties because you barely have a penis. You were originally conceived as a Female, but Goddess played a cruel joke when She created you, and cursed you with a Y chromosome and a pair of shriveled prunes flapping between your legs instead. No matter how much you try to deny your (non) manhood, you will NEVER rise above the despicable shame of being a degenerate cream puff. You barely even have what it takes to be one of My pitiful slaves! You struggle to work your way up the scum ladder in order to save enough of your paltry paycheck to give Me. Like a little stray dog, begging to be taken in, you must be conditioned and trained for complete obedience and financial submission. Should you fail to serve Me to My utter satisfaction, I will surely cast you away on the streets again and banish you from My Empire.

The only role that you, you pansy moron, have in My Empire is that of a human piggy bank, smashed open when I feel the need (which will be VERY often), and even then you should feel immensely HONORED to be allowed to serve Me in such a capacity. I will rape and plunder your savings and force you into a life of financial servitude so humiliating, so humbling, and so very terrifying, you will never again want to go a day without tributing to My divine will.

You are only worthy of being used and abused for My own financial benefit and amusement. You are a loser, and you always will be. HAHAHAHAHA!

♥Consensual Blackmail Bastard

Deep down inside, this slave begs to be punished. The allure of potentially being found out and humiliated far outweighs its consequences. You live for the thrill of being controlled, the stress of not knowing when your Goddess will strike, and the dangerous edge that this form of financial slavery thrives on. You voluntarily reveal the most incriminating information about yourself and pray it won't be splashed all over the Internet or divulged to your wife on your family's answering machine. You would do anything — PAY anything — to keep your deepest, darkest secrets under wraps. Weeks, perhaps months, pass by without incident and you go about your daily mundane routine... thinking that maybe, just maybe, you have been spared. A sigh of relief may even escape your lips.

But you are wrong. Dead wrong.

I NEVER let things slide so easily.

In the blink of your Goddess' watchful eye, everything you've worked so hard for, everything you've stood for, can be wiped away in one fell swoop within mere minutes, with absolute glee on My part. Perhaps you dared to play a round of My infamous Ruination Roulette and lost dearly... or perhaps you wanted out and could not afford the buyout terms of our arrangement. Whichever the case, consensual blackmail is both terrifying and tantalizing at the same time — the wicked extreme of money slavery.

Consensual blackmail is not for the faint of heart. It is based on total mutual trust between Goddess and slave. If you are willing to risk your financial stability — and your sanity — complete the Consensual Blackmail Application*  and let us begin our game of give-and-TAKE!

*The Consensual Blackmail Application requires a $50 tribute to be processed. If you do not have a NiteFlirt account to pay for this application, you must submit the $100 tribute by other means (cash, credit card, Green Dot, Western Union, online gift certificate) in order to receive it by email. NO EXCEPTIONS!

♥Task Bitch

I'm a very busy woman. I am in the process of opening up a few businesses...As My task Secretary bitch Servant you will handle all of my business work, Business cards, websites, set up photography work for me, book hotels for me, type up school paper works and more....whatever I need you to do you will do it.

I have many more positions....but these are just to name a few.