Tributes to Goddess

Of all the ways you can worship Me, COLD HARD CASH is My favorite form of tribute. It is quick, simple and charmingly old-fashioned... something that ALL My slaves from around the world can offer without hassle.Whatever is in your wallet right now, in your safety vault, in your bank account, or stashed under your bed, take it out and send it along to Me with a letter of adoration.

The MORE you tribute, the more ELATED I will be, and the more accomplished you will feel for being such a dedicated slave!

All currencies accepted! But US Dollars, Euros and British Pounds in large denominations are most desirable. If you want to earn bonus points with Me, use an expedited shipping service so that I receive your tribute sooner. I hate being kept waiting.

A note about security: While I have NEVER experienced any problems with receiving cash through the mail, do make sure you take reasonable means to send your package securely. It is best to ship large bundles inside a padded envelope or box, as thin envelopes tend to tear easily. If you prefer, use a tracking service like UPS or FedEx to confirm delivery. Rest assured that sending cash through the mail is perfectly safe and I have ALWAYS received every tribute given to Me this way!

You can begin sending me Cash, Gifts and Letters to

Goddess Kitty's PO BOX Address:

374 E H ST STE A PMB 118
CHULA VISTA, CA 91910-7496

Amazon Wish list:
To visit my Wish list go to click on wish list and search my list by typing in my email address

I do accept cash gifts through western union, send western union cash
To: Jesse Williams in Sun City, CA
once you have done so message me with the confirmation code.


send money to my paypal account