Shopping slave - Shops online with Me and pays for purchases or sends gift certificates.

Fetish Blackmail - Do as I say or your dirty secrets won’t be so secret anymore. I have buyouts but they are very, very expensive!!!!

Ruination - Also known as ‘Breaking A slave’. Broke isn’t really the word for it though. I coined the term “Financial Juggernaut”! Saying you are ‘in debt’ is an understatement. I’ll have you selling blood to keep your lights on. There’s no buy out to this system.

Financial Domination - Control of your finances in a non-blackmail sense. Your expenditures and minimized and budgeted. The rest is kept by Me.

Human ATM - I want new boots, dispense money slave. I want to go out with My girlfriends, dispense money slave. I want to buy a few savings bonds, dispense money slave. Do you get the idea yet?

Money Pig – Pathetic pigs have to pay women to speak to them. They love the humiliation of it. They are so lame that a woman would never talk to them without getting something out of it anyway and sometimes they pay women to talk to them and still get ignored.

Financial Servants – Financial servants like to be useful and as such they often offer to pay bills, pay for services (hair/nail salons) or pay for luxuries (spa, facial, vacation etc). Financial slaves may or may not like humiliation, blackmail or S&M- some just like having fun and being useful.

Man Tax- The IRS, that is the Indebted to Rage Service, says that personal slaves must pay a man tax as part of service to Me.