Are you so desperate to serve Me and hear my voice for phone sessions.....

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Phone Sessions/Cam:
Small Penis Humiliation
interracial humiliation
Slavery training/Sissy Training
Financial Domination games
Shopping games/humiliation
Mind/Hypnotic control
Guided Masturbation

If you see that I am available you should consider yourself lucky don't hesitate give me a call it's only a matter of time before you began calling me daily begging me to rape you of your cash and humiliate you for my own pleasure and amusement....

If I am away at the moment send me a message telling me why I should chose you to serve me in my beautiful empire, also be sure that you have sent me a gift as well as your servant application, If you have not I wont even waist my time continue reading your message...

$1.99 Per Minute

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