All about Me  

Goddess Kitty

I'm an Ebony Goddess, A natural-born dominant beauty with a sweet, innocent and sensual side...but yet I also have an evil cruel side as well....I am a Gemini born with two personalities.... My style of domination is strict, erotic and very seductive in teasing and denial. I'm a sensual Black Woman and I will become your Fetish...Your Fantasy and your World.... it’s about truly serving and making me and only me happy. I love to tease and manipulate your mind and wallet. I will put chains around your mind and heart-- that is true enslavement. My happiness should be your priority at every moment, even when you're away from me.

I have had men from all walks of life fall trap to my seductiveness and my alluring smile. I've always held a certain Goddess-given power over the male gender and realized this early in life. Through the years, it turned into a lifelong mission to accumulate as many pets and slaves as possible along the way, demanding their loyal devotion and admiration and allowing them the privileged opportunity to serve me to my heart's content. I demand that my slaves sacrifice their own needs and desires in order to worship me at the highest level they can afford. In return, you will receive the exquisite satisfaction of knowing you have financed the self-indulgent life of a Goddess Princess far more superior to you and fulfilled my needs and desires-- the only ones that matter from this point on. I love using my servants for my financial pleasure and amusement and you will soon learn to obey me completely. You will grovel at my feet. You will learn that to be my slave/Servant is to be mine. I own you. I require the utmost respect, obedience and genuine servitude from my slaves. I'm a very strict Goddess who can be sadistic, cruel, devious as well as caring and compassionate.

In my Empire you exist to entertain me--whatever whim, desire or task. I will at times push your limits. If there are any absolutes, hard limits, it’s best to tell me up front. If you truly feel your true place in life is enslavement at the feet of a superior Black Princess whom you wish to please and serve well, then you may be considered worthy of my attentions. 


Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Age: 20
Location: Beautiful Cali
Bra Size: 38C
Shoe Size: 9
Height/Weight: 5'5'', 140LBS
Favorite Sports: Basketball and Football
Favorite Colors: purple and Pink
Relationship: Relationship
Hair/Eyes: Dark Brown 
Body:Carmel complexion, full lucious lips, big beautiful almond shaped eyes....soft skin like butter
Personality: Fun, unique, creative, diva, sarcastic, compassionate, greedy, beautiful, out-going, adventurous...
Nationality: African-American and European
Education: College Degree in Nursing and now studying Psychology
Favorite Restaurants: IHOP, and out back steak house
Favorite Fetishes: Foot Worship,  Humiliation and Financial Exploitation, Spitting and slavery control. I'm also learning and exploring new and bizarre fetishes that makes your little wanker's wiggle.
Unique Facts: I love pole dancing, never been an exotic dancer but I bought a pole a long time ago and taught myself the Art of Pole Dancing. 
Pet-Peeves: boys who don't read my site and follow directions, ignorant people and time-wasters!!!
Do You Do Real-Time: Yes

Belief: I believe in God
What You Need To Know: You don’t sound like a Domme… It’s true, I don’t do chains and wear alot of black leather nor do I have a dungeon. I'm original and creative. Just think of me as the beautiful Goddess looking girl next door with a kinky fetish side. This website is about my life as a an Ebony Goddess Princess-- It works as follows: I do what I do and if you want the privilege to be in my life, you accept true servitude, be obedient and sacrifice for me on daily bases. Know your place and appreciate it. 
I'm not your typical anything. I'm my own self-fetish & self-beauty. I'm that sweet & deviant bitch. I'm an online full-figured Goddess.  I am in control of my destiny yet believe that everything happens for a reason. I absolutely love shopping and having inferior males beg me to make them pamper me. 

Every male I use has different needs so the training received from me will be unique and specific to them. You laying a gift at my feet shows me that your are serious in wanting to serve me completely. Why do I keep males as a toy? Because I like having an easy life. I'm well-cared for and love to be pampered and worshiped by the males that crawl at my feet. I like to tease, torment and deny men their pleasure. I constantly test my males obedience by assigning them tasks to complete or punishments to endure. I keep their tiny world locked into mental mind chastity so they are constantly reminded of my hold over them. When (and if) they are allowed the pleasure of orgasm I will be the one that decides it....

The amount of personal attention you receive from me will be decided by you in the amount of generous gifts you give Me....Your Devotion and loyalty is what matters.... 

I love to cook, but I do NOT cook for a man. My culinary concoctions, perfectly prepared using only the finest ingredients in My gourmet kitchen, are yet another expression of My artistic brilliance. I have a genius IQ over 140. Yes, I truly am superior to you.

I love books... gloriously huge coffeetable volumes with more pictures than words, provocative nonfiction writings and biographies, fiction bestsellers, Dan Brown thrillers.

I am an ultra consumer in the truest sense — I love to SHOP and SPEND MONEY! — for any and all things, not just clothing and shoes. I need to have the newest, the shiniest, and the utmost best your money can buy Me. The latest camera, the greatest home theater system, the nicest car...., I want it ALL!

very seductiv
tion, your desire, and the air you bre
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